“You’ve Been Planted”

Good morning and Happy Weekend! I hope that you had a fabulous week. I did, but it sure was busy. 🙂 I know, I always say that. The 3rd and 4th quarters of school always seem to be the busiest for me. I expect to be pretty busy until about June 15. 😉

In my Health and P.E. class, we are talking about stress management. I told my family about this and asked them how they managed stress. Wow! I didn’t realize how different all these people were! You would think being in the same family, they would have some similarities, but stress management is not one of them. 😂

Janice P. (2016). Switzerland in Bloom. [ digital image ] CC BY-NC

My brother Kaden, who balances multiple Honor Societies, Advanced Placement classes, Marching Band, Advanced Concert Band, and Honor Roll, in an Advanced Academy said that his strategy was to just ignore the stress until the very last minute, and then you usually couldn’t do anything about it anyway, so to just let it go. I am not too sure how solid his advice is, but since he seems to be pretty stress free, I guess it works for him.

Jenifer B. (2017). Kaden in Marching Band Competition. [ digital image ] CC BY-NC

My mom said she managed stress by making a list. (If you don’t know my mom, I will tell you, she makes lists for everything. I am quite certain, she makes lists about the lists she needs to make.) She says she writes down everything that is stressing her out. Then, she reads back through the list and crosses off any item that she has no control over. She says she eliminates about 3/4 of her list this way. For the remaining items, she brainstorms any possible action she could take to reduce her stress about that item. For my mom, having choices and being proactive, are her stress management techniques.

My dad said funny things (that he knew would make my mom roll her eyes). He said “If you are feeling stressed out by all of mom’s lists, you should just take a nap.” Or “Get your mind off of your stress by playing a video game.” I thought he had some great ideas! 😂 After he quit joking around, he said seriously the best way he knew to handle stress was to eat healthy, get enough sleep, drink a lot of water, and to take deep breaths. He said that educating himself helped him too. He said especially in his career, the more he knew about whatever was stressful for him, the better he felt about it.

I guess these are all pretty good strategies, but I think I have the best stress management. The way I handle stress works to reduce stress every time! I sit down by Chena or Bella, and I pet them for like 10 minutes. I tell them how sweet they are, and how glad I am that they are my doggie, and /or kitty. Sometimes, I brush their coat. I don’t really tell them about my stress, because that would make them feel sad. I just love on them. If I still feel stressed after that, I found out that talking to people help. I talk to my parents. My mom comes up with crazy ideas that makes me laugh. (But, I am totally going to try to tell her that I feel stressed and I need to play a video game and see if it works.😂).

I read something on Twitter this week that was completely related to stress. It said “Sometimes when you are under so much pressure, and you feel like you are in a dark place, you feel like you have been buried. But maybe, you have not been buried, you have been planted. So rise up, and bloom!” Wow! I am going to write that down, so I can remember it! That is an amazing way to look at stress!

Have a great week! Go play Acalympics

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