Spring Break

Hello and Happy Weekend!

Over the last few days of spring break, I have had a normal week. Yes, even though I am on break, I am still very busy. ๐Ÿ˜‚ This week, my mom decided it would be very fun to put down new mulch all around or yard. In addition to putting down new mulch, we would do our yard’s spring cleaning.

On Tuesday we measured all day and tried to figure out how much mulch we needed. We also did most of the trimming and other parts of our spring cleaning on Tuesday. Finishing all of this encouraged us to go to a local garden center to buy mulch.

At the local garden center, we asked if we should get 19 cubic yards of mulch. The guy there looked at us as if we were crazy! He advised us to only buy one truck load at a time (10 cubic yards) in order to not have to much. Agreeing to this plan, as we did not want to wish to spend to much money on mulch, we bought rakes and wheelbarrows and prepared for Thursday.

On Thursday, the delivery service arrived with our mulch. The pile was colossal and it took forever to deplete. In fact, we had to finish the pile on Friday! Since the pile was unable to give our team motivation to work, we had to use cooperation and teamwork to aid one another.

For cooperation, we gave each other assigned roles (the wheelbarrow driver, the spreader, the retailer, the shoveler, and of course the dog lover ๐Ÿ˜›). If anyone became fatigued or bored of their job (or their job was currently unavailable as there was nothing to detail), then someone would switch with them. Cooperation is key to getting ginormous tasks done.

Teamwork is a big part of cooperation. In this case, we looked for each other’s strength and weaknesses, and the carried out our part. For instance, my grandmother was the dog lover and detailer as she enjoyed doing these things. I was the wheelbarrow driver and spreader. We all were able to do our part and we eventually got the job done.

Janice, P. (2018). Mulch Duty. [digital image] CC BY-NC

No matter how large the task, everything can be done with a team. Sure, no one in my family wished to work over break, but a nice lawn does not maintain itself! I know I am very thankful I did not have to do that by myself.

Over the next week in Acalympics, think about how you and your teammates can help contribute to your overall score. One person does not have to accomplish a feat (like beating the Sea Stars or Dragon Fire) by themselves!

Have a great week and go and play Acalympics

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