In Honor Earth Day

First off, I wanted to apologize for not having posted a blog in a while. I have been very busy this year. In fact, being in 8th grade at my school means that I have to do a large project named a “Capstone” project. While this may seem like a normal project, this project is special in the regard that the project must have a positive influence on the lives of the community and the environment. Truthfully, I really like the opportunity to work on something like this.

Also, I had an accident where I fractured my wrist and was on limited activities for a while. Luckily, I am happy to report that it is healing well and I am going to recover soon! It was really hard on me when I couldn’t play the piano or my saxophone.

Yesterday, being Earth Day, reminded me of Capstone project, making me think of some possible ideas on how to impact not only my local community, but also those around the world. Here locally, my group has decided to help build artificial reefs to provide habitats for fish to flourish in the Chesapeake Bay, but I figured that we could go beyond that. While pondering on what could be done, I began to realize that I had a great resource into a larger community with Acalympics. There are teams that compete all around the world! What a wonderful opportunity to spread some environmental awareness!

So here we are, what are some threats to water ways/aquatic habitats?

    Large corporation fishing
    Predator/prey population decline
  • Why can this be so harmful towards the waterways?
    • Fish populations decline which affect more than one fish because of predator/prey relations
      Population decline of fish means less food/economy for humans
      Once fish species start to decline, the tend to migrate meaning local fishermen may suffer
  • What are some ways you can help your local waterways? You can
    • Drive less
    • Use rain barrels to collect rain water
    • Use pervious pavement
    • Join local cleanup foundations
    • Reduce energy usage
    • Check your septic tank
    • Buy locally
    • Stop using synthetic fertilizer
    • Plant seagrass/trees
    • Visit parks to learn about local issues

    How can these help?

    • Every action counts!
    • Take any two fish species, one a predator and the other a prey to this predator and examine their populations. Most of the time, these are correlated. This shows how the water way is affected by even small changes
    • They inspire others to join in the fun!
  • What are some potential projects you could help fund/start?
    • Make artificial reefs/habitats
      Promote sustainability at a catch and release fishing tournament
      Participate in a trash clean up
      Spread awareness to others
  • In order to make the most of Earth day and all environmental efforts, spread some of these ideas around with your friends and family! Additionally, you can try and beat the quiz on this topic on Acalympics!
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