Some Exciting Updates

I know I am not formally writing my blog right now, but I did promise to drop exciting information here, over the summer. I have really exciting news!

First thing, I am the proud brother to a junior drum major. Isn’t that cool? Kaden decided he wanted to take on a leadership role in marching band next year. So, he applied for everything, and he was selected to be junior drum major. Yay! Good job, Kaden! Go Dolphins!

Next thing. So, guess what? My team took 3rd place in the Cyber Competition. Again. Yay! This competition proved to be the most challenging yet because in the past, we have had our code all ready to demo and present to judges. This year, we had to write the code on-site, and we only had 2 hours to do that. You might think we would come to the competition and go to a workstation to start writing code, but nope, we had to find plugs for our computers, and there were not enough power strips for all of the teams. You can just imagine how exciting that was. 😂 Then, we had to do a software download, which took about 20 minutes, cutting in to our coding time. A lot of teams were really frustrated by this, and just quit. My team felt like doing that. Trust me, nothing was going right on the computer side of the competition. But, we didn’t give up. Anyway, we took 3rd place. So, remember my tiny 3rd place medal from last year? I didn’t get any kind of personal trophy this year. At least the one that my school gets to keep is bigger than last years. 😂

Third thing. I earned some really great awards this year. That was just icing on the cake of a awesome year! My school is absolutely amazing!

I hope you had a great ending to your school year. Have a terrific summer! Go play Acalympics

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