You’re Right

Good morning and Happy Weekend! I hope that you had an awesome week. I did! If you think I am going to say that my week was busy, you are right! 😂 I got to do something really cool this week, that I am going to tell you about.

On Wednesday night I got to see Yanni in concert. I was really excited about this, because I have Yanni music playing in my bedroom all of the time. My mom is real big on music. Since I have been born, she has kept Yanni music playing all over the house. (She liked Yanni because of the all of the different instruments he uses, plus it is over all calming music.) My mom thinks when you have music playing and you are working on homework, it engages both sides of your brain. While, I am not sure about this, maybe always being exposed to music, helped me have a love for music. Anyway, Yanni is getting pretty old, so I was happy I got to see him in concert.

This was the second “grown up” concert I have attended. Yanni is an absolutely incredible musician. He played on no less than 9 keyboards. He had a piano set up, and different keyboards for different sounds. (My only criticism was he should have had a real wind instrument instead of a synthesized one, but I understand sometimes you can’t afford everything you want and you have to compromise and make hard choices. ) Yanni could jump between keyboards and run back and forth between the piano and the keyboards without missing a note. He was incredible! I wondered exactly how he did this. I am thinking about trying it at my next piano lesson. 😂 My piano teachers has two pianos, I am thinking about jumping from one to the other to see exactly how this works. 😂 I am just kidding. The last concert I saw was the piano guys, and Jon (the pianist) played the piano with his nose, and while laying down on the bench. I told my piano teacher I wanted to learn how to play the piano with my nose too. 😂

I don’t know if you know much about Yanni, but he has a really interesting story. He came to America when he was 18, and didn’t speak any English. He learned the language and put himself through school, and earned a masters degree in Psychology. However, his passion was always music. Yanni stayed focused on that and despite setbacks, kept working on creating music. Since I am familiar with just about every song he has ever written, I am happy that he stuck with it. Personally, I think music touches a part of your soul, that words can’t reach.

Thinking about Yanni and his success always reminds me of a quote by Henry Ford. He said “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, either way, you are right.” and I know this holds true for Yanni. I read an article once, where someone was talking about meeting Yanni when he was in college. He said Yanni was “flamboyantly Yanni”. He went on to explain, Yanni always thought he would succeed, and as Mr. Ford said “he was right.”

Okay, so I get that I am just a 7th grader, and a good portion of my audience are students. Some kids or adults, might question how this story relates to their life. Let me tell you about my brother Kaden. 🙂 Kaden is taking Advanced Placement Chemistry. Kaden loves Chemistry, but this is definitely not an easy class. Anyway, Kaden signed up to take the AP Chemistry exam. He didn’t expect the exam to be easy, but he did expect to do well on this test. Kaden attended 4 Saturday study sessions for this exam, with one of the sessions lasting from 8:30-4:30. Also, he stayed after school almost every day for 3 weeks, to attend every study sessions available. Plus, he brought his study guide book in the car everywhere we went, and he studied the whole car ride. My parents didn’t make Kaden do all this. In my opinion, Kaden is very much demonstrating Mr. Ford’s quote. Kaden thought he could do great on his exam, and he took all of the steps necessary to make this happen. We don’t know how Kaden’s AP exam went yet, we won’t have those scores until July. He thought he did well. He felt prepared for every question that was on there.

Bock, J. (2018). Kaden’s Textbook. [digital image] CC BY-NC

So, that is my whole point this week. If you decide you want to do something, believe that you can! Then put in the work and make success happen. 😉 Really, it is as simple as that.

Okay, I am off to practice my instruments this morning. I practice 3 on a regular basis and that takes some time. Have a great week, and go play Acalympics .

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