The Persistence of the Oyster and the Power of the Sea Star

Good morning and happy weekend! I hope you had an amazing week. I know I did! Earlier this week, I started planning out a blog post on the secret to being lucky. But then 2 incredible things happened and I decided to blog about those instead. I will write about how to be lucky next week (if you are lucky 😂).

I had the opportunity to present my ideas and website to two different teams this week. Both times, I was completely shocked by what happened afterwards. There is a huge lesson to be learned from each experience, and I wanted to share those with you. It is funny how you think you are going to teach somebody something, and then you end up being the person that learns something.

geralt. (2018). iPad. [digital image]. Retrieved from . CC 0

When I first encountered the Sea Star Team, I was struck by what a good fit their name was for them. Sea Stars are kind of little, and really fun to watch. Sea Stars are certainly not the strongest, fastest, or most powerful creature in the ocean. That held true for this team too. They were not the fastest, most powerful team at the school. However they seemed excited about earning points for their team, and that made me happy. I never would have ever predicted what the Sea Stars could accomplish! By the end of the day, the Sea Stars earned over 50,000 points for their team, which made them the top scorers ever! I guess no one them they were too little to make a difference (and BIG KUDOS to their teachers and parents for that). They had a goal and set out to accomplish it.

geralt. (2018). iPad. [digital image]. Retrieved from . CC 0

By, the time I presented my website to the Oyster Team, the Sea Stars were so far ahead that I thought nobody could them. However, the Oysters had different plans. They got right to work, and almost caught up to the Sea Stars. The weekly challenge ended with the Sea Stars on top, but the Oyster Team did not get discouraged. The Oyster Team immediately starting working again towards their goal of being the top team.

I have to be completely honest. I was blown away by the persistence, positive attitude, and power at what these teams could accomplish. They did not let being little or not “winning” stop them. Instead they focused on what they could do and ran towards their goal with all of their might!

So, let’s make a deal. This week, when you are faced with a challenge that seems bigger than you, remember the persistence of the Oysters and the power of the Sea Stars and just set out to overcome it. I will do the same.

Have a great week! Go play Acalympics 😊

3 thoughts on “The Persistence of the Oyster and the Power of the Sea Star”

  1. Good insight, Karstan. Made me think of what limits me, and the main thing is the age of my body. Throughout my life physical activities have dominated what I do whether it’s sports, gardening, hiking, biking. I’ve always enjoyed challenging my mind as well. I can still enjoy all those things, but have to pay attention to how my body will limit me. So, I focus on what I can do not on how limiting getting older can be. Thanks for the blogs!!! Keep em coming.


  2. Amazing advice. This website has made me want to be persistent and as your cat does “stay on the top of things” . Thank you and god for this blog !!!!!!! Please make more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Love your perceptiveness in realizing you were learning as you taught others. I experience this so much in the process of teaching my horse. I go out with a lesson plan for the day & get a lesson on patience from him. LOL


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